Security Covid-19

In the interests of the special safety of our guests, we have increased the number of procedures necessary to comply with all sanitary and hygienic requirements.

1. All our staff have been trained in occupational health and safety in the context of extraordinary sanitary requirements in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and provided with liquids for disinfecting hands and surfaces. We use only professional products with a high concentration of bactericidal and virucidal.
2. In each room, our guests will find a dispenser with a professional disinfectant.
3. The entire facility is regularly disinfected around the clock, with particular emphasis on touch surfaces – handrails, door handles, light switches, handles, chair handrails, and flat surfaces
4. During the routine cleaning of the apartment, our employees disinfect all touch surfaces (including chair backs, switches, door handles, countertops, cabinet fronts), equipment (e.g. remote controls), and bathrooms.
5. Bedding and towels are washed in professional water and dry cleaners .Washing and delivery are carried out in a sanitary regime.
6. Our staff has been equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment and maintains a special sanitary standard during work and contact with our guests.
7. We follow the guidelines of the sanitary and epidemiological station and WHO on an ongoing basis and adapt them to the current situation.
8. We also asked our employees to avoid commuting by public transport whenever possible.
9. In the event of disturbing symptoms, our Guests are obliged to immediately inform our staff of this fact.
10. The reception has a non-contact thermometer available to our guests.